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Meta-Onboarder's Handbook

This page is a list of the current versions of the pages in my Meta-Onboarder's Binder. This is my glass bead game deck for "decentralized organizing".

Binder Contents

  1. Ops cool stylized cover for the binder
  2. Escape From Capitalism: The LARP/ARG board game cover (needs illustration of a person climbing a mountain as a car drives down the cliffside at them)
  3. Transversal Intake, a one-page justification and introduction to the mutual (or transversal) intake process
  4. Recruitment Phases & Intake Interview handout with a broad overview of the intake process
  5. Orientation Cheatsheet, a detailed breakdown of the generalized intake process
  6. Decentralized Dispatch & The Hotline, a description of a decentralized dispatch-response system for Ops
  7. Important Decentralization Movements, a list of major currents of decentralized activism
  8. The Corridor, a decentralized travel network

Other documents for use with the binder materials:

Whitepapers from other authors I include in my Whitepapers folder: