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My App Projects

I am currently spearheading the following Holochain apps:

App Function Need
ravemaker decentralized party-planning and events app need CSS designers
holochan meme library, meme economy, meme concentrator need developers
the Map holographic, wiki-editable map of app ideas need developers
hackerspaces suite of apps for managing community-owned autonomous hackerspaces need developers, organizers, and design requirements
Catalyzer healthy dating app need developers

App Projects I Love

I am not working on these projects but they are close to my heart:

App Function Phase Point Person
MailBooks distributed library ??? ???
CoNet suite of map-based apps for activsm building team Lucas
HoloChat holographic chat app with smart prioritization early development Philip Beadle
Unter decentralized ride-sharing app early development Chris David
HoloDrive, HoloCDN, HoloTube, HoloMusic decentralized cloud drive, content delivery, video, and music library apps suite building team Chris Fronda
housing apps suite of apps for housing, free housing, travel, safehouses building team John Ebert, Diana Moret (?)
education apps suite of apps for educational classrooms, academic logging, accreditation building team Eric Bear


Here are my current major projects:

Please contact me if you are interested in helping on any of these projects, especially Ceptr.


I am writing these books:


I administer these subreddits:

Further writing

These books are longer-term projects: